I have always been passionate about all animals, from the pony mad six year old, to the sixteen year old volunteering at the local wildlife rescue centre.

I made this passion official by completing a National Diploma in Animal Management, followed by a higher education certificate in Animal Science. I specialised in avian species through much of this education, and have 10 years of experience volunteering with birds of prey. I also bred and showed Pekin bantam chickens.


After several dreamy summers taking people out riding on Exmoor and a season of showmanship with Spanish horses, I planted my feet back on the earth with equine-centered employment at The Donkey Sanctuary. It was here that I began to learn from Ben Hart, well known equine behaviourist. I also began to work extensively with the sanctuary's mules, which inspired my love of equine behaviour even further. During my time working as a mule trainer and groom, I completed an Equine Massage Therapy qualification with the National Association of Equine Massage Therapists. 


My Story

I have been in self employment as an equine massage therapist and behavioural consultant since 2015. I thoroughly enjoy working with people and their horses to create happier partnerships. Head to my equine page to learn more about how I can help you and your horse.

I also offer exciting online resources to help with a variety of species. Even if I can't help you with your species, I may know somebody who does!

I am always exploring how we can push welfare standards higher for all animals in domestication. In my care are six chickens, four ponies, two cats and two leopard geckos, all of whom play an important role in pushing my curiousity further in the quest for improving my own knowledge.

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  • I am also in training to be an animal physiotherapist

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