A bit more about my behavioural consultation service.


Behavioural issues can come in many forms, so I will provide a tailored program, completely unique to you and your horse.

Whether you are having general handling issues that need tackling, or whether there are more complex behaviours to work though, I am happy to advise and help. I will usually come to meet you and your horse for an initial consultation, followed by a number of visits, depending upon the scale of the situation. Follow up advice over the phone is always included in this service. 

If you are lacking confidence out hacking, I can accompany you on foot and will coach you through ways to relax and make your experiences with your horse as enjoyable as they should be. 

My approach is to look at the science behind the behaviour. I like to look at why problems are arising, rather than simply how to get around an issue. This provides a far more solid and rewarding relationship between you and your equine in the long run. 

I also have a range of talks and presentations, so do check out my resources page to see what I have on offer.


I am a member of the Equine Behaviour and Training Association

I am also a supporting member of the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants).

As part of both of these associations, I am committed to keeping up to date with the latest research and developments in the animal behaviour and training field.

I am a local business and strive to keep my mileage low. I typically travel within a 10 mile radius of the EX11 postal code, East Devon, UK.

I can make appointments further afield on special arrangement, or will point you in the direction of a therapist in your area.

Otherwise, why not make the most out of my remote services, so that you can receive help and advice without so much as leaving the sofa!

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