Chicken Behaviour and Welfare Advice and Training

I have 20+ years of experience in chicken care and husbandry. Why does this count for more than any chicken care book you could pick up from a shelf? I have dedicated my life to looking deeper in chicken psychology, and how their physical needs relate to their psychological needs.

I can help you in whatever capacity you have chickens, whether you are a smallholder, commercial chicken farmer, or are keeping chickens are well loved pets. I currently have on offer a range of online webinars:

"Chicken Enrichment"

An online presentation covering chicken enrichment with a behaviourally minded approach.

Click here

"Why are chickens so awesome?"

A talk about chicken intelligence and ethology


"What makes your chick tick?"

A detailed webinar all about chicken behaviour.

"Chicken lingo"

Ever wanted to understand more about what your chicken is saying? This webinar will help you as Maisie goes through the intricacies of chicken communication.

Chicken clicker training workshop

A full and fun packed day, with vegetarian lunch provided. Based at Northfield Cottage, Metcombe, Ottery St Mary EX11 1RT

Dates arranged on appointment.

Curently not running due to Covid-19

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