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"The most important thing you can have, when owning a horse, is an excellent team of professionals to help with their care. A friend recommended Catherine to me and she has been a source of support throughout my mare's long transition to barefoot - patient and kind with both horses and panicked owners. Catherine recommended Maisie to me after my mare was inexplicably lame for a while. Not only did she find the issue, but in just two sessions my girl was back to normal, if not better than before, and she loves having a good pamper session. They are a super team and I recommend them to everyone I meet."

                                              - Vicki Somerton

"I have had the pleasure of both Maisie and Catherine working their magic on my horses and I can’t recommend them enough. Maisie has such a remarkable way of tuning in to animals and reading exactly what they need and want. I have never seen my ex racer or old mare in such a deep state of relax! 
Catherine is the only person I would ever trust now with my herds feet. I can honestly say that I believe she saved my mares life on 2 occasions. 
Having had both ladies work together with regards to providing my babies with all round care really has proven to be amazing. They complement each other perfectly and you couldn’t find a better team."

                                                     - Gemma Palmer

"Together, Maisie and Catherine have managed to transform a rather sorry pony I took on from head to toe. Maisey's regular massages have enabled Harry to be able to stand more comfortably whilst Catherine works with his previously neglected feet. His entire posture has changed in only a few sessions, he now appears taller as he is carrying himself better, is able to walk out with more purpose, no longer has a noticeable curve in his spine and his overall health and demeanour have been improved greatly. They make a great team."

                                                  - Melissa Philips


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